vitruvian aboriginal

list of illustrations

list of illustrations
slide content credit
1 hunting scene Johnson, T., Rabinowitz, H., Sieff, P., Rock-paintings of the south-west cape
5 Hallucigenia sparsa Smithsonian
6 Irish tramp Don McCullin
6 satyr A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd, London
7 objects in nature manual of map reading and field sketching, War Office 1914
7 anatomical bones Ramesh Raskar MIT
8 cyber influence David Ferbrache DSTL
9 shape variable Jacques Bertin
9 face as variables Studia Forestalia Suecica
10 Solomon Islanders Jason Mayall, Smash UK
11 live tube map Matthew Somerville
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forecasting conflict & communicating with non-combatants

cartoon of Battersea students


un bon croquis

Hallucigenia sparsa


Irish tramp satyr


objects in nature bones


layers of data

visual variables

shape variation variables as face

girls just wanna have fun

a band of pipers from the Solomon Islands sunshade

trust & risk

our apologies, map contours are not available with this browser. tube mashup nataraja dancer egg

wikipedia: software assistance


des oursins


sprezzatura & scumble

bacchus and ariadne
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Forecasting conflict & communicating with non-combatants